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“I was really excited about finally starting college this year but did not know how I was going to get my VW moved to campus because it was a long drive and my parents did not want me to travel that far alone. I called Student Auto Transport and the man I spoke to was great! He walked me through the whole transport process, offered me a great price and had my car scheduled really fast. It arrived on campus the day that I arrived by air. I am so glad that I found this company and will definitely call again when spring break arrives and I need to have the car back home in Boston.” Amber Kelly-Gainesville, FL

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“When my daughter was ready for college, I was a nervous wreck to say the least. I was determined that she was going to ride with me to her new school a few hundred miles away from our home. I needed to find a company that could be trusted to transport the Honda I bought for her to drive when she started college and I needed the company to be honest, priced just right and upfront with how they work. I found all of that and so much more when I spoke to the customer service rep at Student Auto Transport. My mind was fully at ease when they picked my daughters car up and I did not find myself stressing, not even once, while it was out of my site. Thanks so much for helping us make my daughter’s transition to her new college and new home so simple. I will refer this company to anyone that needs auto transport at a great rate and with excellent service!”~Matthew Odom-Nashville, TN

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“I started a new job recently and needed to get to the new location within a day or two at the most. There was no way I was going to have time to drive my car but I knew I would need to have it with me once I started working at the new office. I found Student Auto Transport when I did an online search for nationwide auto transport and I can say that they saved the day for me! Within just a few minutes they had my car booked to be picked up the very next day right before I had to leave for the airport. The car was delivered to my new address three states away just two days later and I had it with me to get to work on my first day! I really appreciate the fast service and the price I paid was far below the other quotes I received from other companies.” ~Allison Rogers-Stockton, CA