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Student Auto Transport knows how big of a deal it is to move away from home to start college. Not only for the student, but for many others in the students life including parents. Your parents want you to grow up but quite often, they are not ready at all to let you go into the world alone. We work with students as well as parents to provide safe auto transport to bring solutions to you when you need to have a vehicle shipped to a new school when the semester begins, home when the semester breaks and any other time of the year.

We transport vehicles for students every day of the year and can move locally, statewide or even from one coast to the other. Our team of experienced professional customer service staff works round the clock to ensure that we always offer the most competitive rates and have the highest quality transport drivers available to transport any make and model of automobile.

Many of us have students ourselves and we handle each auto transport request as if it were our own family members’ vehicle that we were transporting. We know that leaving home for college can be a very stressful time and it is our goal to help alleviate any stress you may have with getting the car from home to school as quickly and safely as possible. We can move any type of car, truck or van to any city or college campus nationwide.

Thinking About Driving On Your Own?

We know that all too many times, students or their parents feel like maybe it would cost less to just drive the car on your own to get it moved to campus. When campus is hundreds, or even thousands of miles away, this may not be such a great idea after all.

Driving, especially long distance, can actually be not only expensive, but also dangerous, especially for a student that may not have the experience with long distance driving that an auto transport has. Driving can cause fatigue and this leads to many accidents on the interstates nationwide daily. Accidents can cause not only bodily harm but can cost quite a bit in out of pocket expenses from deductibles or other bills that insurance does not cover.

Moving a car across the nation can also be expensive as you will most likely need to stop for fuel, food and beverages and possibly overnight lodging. These charges go on top of the added mileage that lowers the vehicle value, the extra engine and tire maintenance and other costs associated with keeping the car in good condition when travelling.

Student Auto Transport can save you much needed time as well as money. Our drivers are always fully licensed and your vehicle will be insured while it is transported. You can rest assured that your car will arrive to the new location quickly and in the same condition as when it was loaded.

Services We Offer:

• Nationwide Auto Transport
• Insured Auto Transport
• Student Rates That Can’t Be Beat
• Open Auto Transport
• Enclosed Auto Transport

We ship to all states from coast to coast and guarantee the best rates and service in the transport industry.

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